Flying Fox in Kikar
Flying Fox Kikar is India's first forest-based zipline adventure. Embraced by the Shivalik Range, Kikar is an adventurous getaway in Chandigarh. Its untouched beauty and favorable locales make it a befitting destination for adventure activities like flying fox. You can very well imagine the excitement quotient when you zip high above the green forests, with some wild creatures lurking underneath; the squeaking birds and the screeching sound caused by the friction of cable and pulley, breaking the utter silence high above the ground. A 5 zip-line tour that lasts for around 2-2.5 hours, this adrenaline pumping activity allows you to enjoy the aerial views of Kikar's pristine beauty. An early morning zip-tour would increase your chances of spotting some wildlife, such as a Cheetal or a Sambar, and you can then head back to the Kikar Lodge for a delicious meal and ample relaxing