Kishangarh Airport – new Milestone for Rajasthan Tourism.

The Kishangarh airport is inaugurated to cater to the religious tourists to Ajmer and Pushkar. The famous places including Shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Pushkar Lake and the world-famous Bhrama Temple are all located within half an hour drive from the airport. The government stated that the airport would be connected to NH 8 with a four-lane road. NH 8 is one of the busiest national highways, connecting Delhi to Jaipur and Mumbai.

The Kishangarh airport has a capacity to handle 150 passengers. The state government has proposed a subsidy for inter-state travel for the initial phase. Supreme Airlines is the main agency providing services for now. The airport has six check-in counters.

Speaking at the inauguration of the airport, Jayant Sinha stated that Rajasthan has always been a centre of attraction for national and international tourism. This added airport will further provide connectivity to the city of Ajmer and Pushkar. He also stated that the central government is looking for opportunities to establish Rajasthan as the hub of tourism.

Tourist places Near Kishangarh Airport

Ajmer – Ajmer is popular for the famous dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-ud-Din Chishti. Considered to be one of the holiest cities in India, it attracts hordes of Hindus and Muslims. Apart from the mausoleum, this historic city is known for its magnificent forts, museums, palaces and lakes. Ajmer is also home to the renowned Mayo College. Taragarh Fort was built to guard the city of Ajmer and was has been known to be home to the famous Chauhan dynasty rulers including Prithviraj Chauhan. It was originally said to have been built by the Mughals and has gained immense importance in history for being one of the oldest forts in India. The fort overlooks the city and the walls are said to be a few kilometres in circumference adding to the majestic look of the monument. The fort is a must-visit for everyone who visits Ajmer. Adhai Din Ka Jhopra The oldest Sanskrit College was later turned into a mosque by a Mughal emperor and is located on the slope of the Taragarh hill. The calligraphy on its walls makes this monument a must visits and the ancient temple has relics that have typical Hindu as well as Muslim architecture. Over 40 different intricately designed columns support the roof and the designs on each are unique. The monument is beautifully made and stands in ruins today and yet manages to capture one’s admiration. Pushkar, The holy lake of Pushkar is believed to have been created by Lord Brahma himself. Pushkar has as many as 400 temples and 52 ghats and the only temple in the country that is dedicated to Brahma is to be found here. Places to visit in Pushkar the Brahma Temple, Gau Ghat, Nag Hill, Markendeya Rishi Ashram, Pap Mochini Temple, Agastya Muni Ashram and Gaya Kund. Besides, the picturesque lake, the Savitri Temple, and the Pushkar Bazaar are also worth a visit.





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