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Surajgarh fort
The town of Surajgarh in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan derives its name from the 18th century fortified Palace SURAJGARH. The name literally means "The Castle of The Sun". This 4 acre fortified palace is being lovingly restored to give our guests the experience of living like a Maharaja.
Established in 1780 by ThakurSuraj Mal, BISSAU (Thikana) shekhawat (Sadhani clan) the township of Surajgarh came up with the construction of the fort, for the construction of the fort not only offered employment to the people from the neighboring villages, but after its completion also offered a safe sanctuary from marauding bandits and invading armies.
The frescoes for which Surajgarh are famous owe their existence to the many travelers who came through this region, bringing along with them stories of the lands far away, the local populace started to decorate their homes with frescoes of the tales told by the travelers and from scenes from the mythological time. The materials used for painting the frescoes were crushed cowrie shells, lime and vegetable dyes which were produced locally. The cowrie shells were used as currency at one time, but since the chipped and broken shells had no value, they were crushed to produce a water resistant base for the frescoes.
The Fort is owned by Tikaraj Aishwarya Katoch and Tikarani Shailija. TikarajAishwarya is the son of Princess of Jodhpur and Maharaja of Kangra. Tikarani Shailija is the eldest daughter of the Maharaja of Sailana, Sailana is famed for India's finest cuisine and Tikarani Shailija's grandfather has written a popular cookery book called Maharaja Sailana's Cookery Delights.

Castle Khandela
Khandela is an ancient town (more than 2000 years old) and was ruled by various dynasties of the Rajput clans. Raja Raisal from the Shekhawat clan of Rajputs established his rule of the region Shekhawati with Khandela as its capital from 1538 – 1615 AD. He married Princess Kisnavati, the only daughter of Raja Peetha of Khandela and thus, was also the 1st Shekhawat Raja of Khandela. Son of Rao Suja of Amarsar, granted the jagir of Lamiya, he was granted the title of “Raja” also a title of “Darbari” and a Mansab of 1250 sawars later raised to 3000 by Emperor Akbar.
He died in 1614. He was great-grandson of Rao Shekha of Amarsar and he belonged to the Kachwaha Clan of Amber/Jaipur. The Shekhawats ruled over the Shekhawati region for over 500 years and are honoured with the hereditary title of “Tazimi Sirdars”, whom HH the Maharaja of Jaipur receives by rising from his seat.and the descendents ruled the state till Indian independence. The present owners are the 17th and 18th Generation of Raja Raisal.
The descendants of Raja Raisal during their rule also developed the region of Shekhawati to make it a internationally known tourist destination specially for its architecture of Havelis (residence of the Elite), castles & forts.
Here in Castle Khandela : restored and initiated by Dr. Raisal Singh Khandela
Guest’s Experiences will distinguish and define our promise of ‘Experience the Original in the Abode of Kings’. At our Grand Heritage Palace you shall receive unparalleled and most-sought-after, comfort often once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Moreover given the fast-changing and fast-growing hospitality industry, we are geared to match your budgetary requirements. For global and indian guests, we have always been attentive to their needs and requirements; collectively, we’ve worked to ensure that your Experience with us becomes benchmarked for its spirit of celebration.

Heritage Mandawa
This is Hotel Heritage, Mandawa which is in Rajasthan. It is roughly 170 kms away from the Pink City of Jaipur. The hotel is constructed in an area of around 3000 sq. yards. The building has two floors, ground and first. It has large rooms, which have been divided in categories such as Suites, Deluxe, and Standard Rooms. Each room has an attached modern bath. The decorum of these rooms has been created in Rajasthani culture and is seeped in history. Hotel walls boast of miniature paintings, which at places depict amorous postures and at others depict chapters of Indian history. Whereas on the one hand the hotel depicts the ancient culture, on the other hand it provides all the modern amenities a foreign tourist is so used to. The hotel has a restaurant where besides authentic Rajasthani cuisine you can also enjoy continental fares, which will let you keep in touch with your roots. You can enjoy a candlelight dinner as well. There is also a well stocked bar for the ones fond of Bacchus. The greatest plus is that all our guests are welcomed with garlands in the traditional Rajasthani style. You can enjoy an evening of Rajasthani folk dance, music and puppets as well. Special shows are organized on the request of the guests. Books are available here for the reading pleasures of the guests. Now if you want to spend your holidays like a Maharaja or want to spend your honeymoon in an atmosphere surrounded by amorous pictures or just want to get acquainted with the Rajasthani culture, do step into Hotel Heritage. It is not at all like any other noisy hotel. Tranquil atmosphere, natural surroundings and delirious miniature paintings on the walls sets this hotel in a class apart. In all respects there definitely cannot be another place like this to stay or to visit. So what are you waiting for, pick up your luggage and come to Hotel Heritage, a representative in the true sense of the Rajasthani culture.

Malji ka Kamra
Malji Ka Kamara is a century old, restored mansion (haveli) in town of Churu, on the edge of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The turquoise blue, Wedding cake like tiered structure is an architectural marvel – a unique combination of Shekhawati’s famous fresco paintings with European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences and Mughal style doors and arches.
Our 12 room property works as a unique gateway to discover Shekhawati’s “open art gallery” beyond its touristic town of Mandawa. Churu’s havelis, quiet and unhustled as they are, serve as a fresh breath of air and take you to a different era of artistic beauty. At the same time, there is much to discover in town making it one of the best Rajasthan experiences – if your idea of a travel involves knowing the people, their story and culture, enjoying your own space in tranquil environs and not simply finding the monuments.
We invite you to come and explore Churu with us to find a slice of real India experiences you might be looking for.

Castle Pachar
The castle was rewarded to the Surya Dynasty in 1702. It went through quite a few modifications in the years to follow. Over 300 years old, the castle still retains its original charm and became a heritage hotel in 1994. Castle Pachar intends to make you travel back in time to experience the grandeur and opulence of the regal kings and queens of Rajasthan. Revel in the very best of royal splendor and comfort during your stay in this magnificent heritage hotel in Rajasthan. The 16 rooms and suite offer the best of comfort and luxury to the guests. These are categorized as Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Royal Suites. All rooms boast of an individual décor. Some have pillars while others are adorned with jharokhas, i.e. balconies.

The Koolwal Kothi
The Koolwal Kothi is an impressive heritage building in Nawalgarh. With its monumental façade and combination of traditional and European elements, it is a good representative of British colonial architecture in India. It was constructed in 1934, during the time of Anandi Lal ji Hemraj Ji Koolwal. It has a magnificent frontage with stucco decorative colonnades and a series of rooms organized around a central hall. Itdeviates from the traditional courtyard house planning of the region. Stylistically too, it has more stucco work with very few external fresco paintings, which are otherwise typical to this region. It is very unique in this respect.
The main building is a two– storied structure with frontal triple arche verandah openings and crowning parapets with decorative urns. The interiors are simple with very little decoration in the rooms. However, the emphasis is on bold and bright colors, and the openings are extenuated with multicolor borders or floral motifs, at times emulating tile or stonewall. The Kothi has 18 individually designed Deluxe Rooms, where one can witness and live like how the Maharajas used to. You will find the Kothi with antique furniture and a lot of importance has been given to detail to recreate life as it was almost 80-100 years ago.
In the Nawalgarh, Koolwal Kothi offers visitors the elegance of a small Rajasthan Palace- like residence with all the comforts of a Heritage Hotel. It captures the charm of the princely city that was built in accordance with the ancient Hindu treatise. Set in a lovely garden, flanking the spacious green roundabout at a corner of Nawalgarh, the Hotel is a few minutes’ drive away from the walled city.

With the Hotel Koolwal kothi as base, explore Beautiful surrounding Havelies (e.g. Poddar Museum, Morarka Haveli, Seksheriya Haveli, Jaipuria Haveli, etc), Famous Temples (Salasar Hanuman Ji, Rani Sati Temple, Khatu shyam Ji etc), Famous Destinations (e.g. Mandava, Fathepur, Ramgarh, etc), Taal Chapar(Famous Wild Life Sanctuary).
The Kothi is currently owned by Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, one of the descendants of the Koolwal family. The heritage building had been locked and neglected for most of the last 40years. Today the Kothi is a successful heritage hotel run by WelcomHeritage, keeping alive the charming traditions and hospitality in the Shekhawati region