Island Camping in Chilika Lake
Unwind on the tranquil waters of Asia's largest salt-water lake. Spot rare migratory birds and playful Irrawady dolphins. Bask in the tropical sun, feast on succulent seafood and camp under the stars. Island camping is all about getting close to the pristine beauty of the nature. And when this camping tour is done in an island of the great Chilika Lake in Odisha, the experience gets enthralling and equally adventurous. Chilika Lake is Asia's largest blackish water lake spread over an area of 1100 sq.km. This lake was declared a sanctuary in 1987.Thousands of migratory birds flying in from far off as Siberia to make their winter home in strange waters. Chilika lake is a paradise for bird watchers where they can watch the white bellied sea eagle, the grey legged geese, the flamingoes, purple moorhen, jacana and heron and many more birds. Boating and fishing facilities are available in this lake. A traveller can make use of the motor launches for crushing and visiting the nearby islands.
There are several island in Chilika lake such as Barkul, Balugaon, Rambha, Satapara( famous for dolphins ), Nalbana and Kalijai island. At Kalijai island Goddess Kalijai temple is located. The Nalbana island has been declared a sanctuary. Anumber of climbers, twinners and herbaccous ground flora are found in the lake's island. Also a wide variety of animal life representing various groups of animal kingdom are found here.