Goecha La Trek
Goechala is one of preferred destination for trekkers in India. Trekking in Sikkim , has its indomitable charm with flourishing verdant valleys, beautiful orchards, myriad and massive collection of flora and fauna, rich forests and charismatic ambience that never fails to allure the visitors with its magnetic beauty. Darjeeling is considered as the doorway to Sikkim and from here one can opt for the fabulous trek, which is one of the best treks in India The biggest reason to do the Goechala trek is the grand views of big mountains that you see. You don't just see one summit - the Kanchenjunga. But 14 other big summits. That's a lot for any trek - especially as close to the eyes as on the Goechala trek. It is no wonder that trekkers consider Goechala to be the closest to the big mountain treks of Nepal. To see the big mountains you need clear views. It is only in Oct-Nov, with the haze out of the way, that you get the best views. The mountain views are razor sharp; the sunrises and sunsets jaw dropping. For photographers it is always Oct-Nov. Like any season, there are flip sides too. Oct-Nov is early winter in India. The air is crisp and cold. Temperatures dip to negative beyond Thansing. Early winter snow could block the final access to Goechala on some days. Yet, with all its flip sides, Goechala is best done in Oct-Nov.

Mt. Kanchenjunga Trek
The Mt. Kanchenjunga Trek is a call for the ardent trekkers. Kanchenjunga's dominating peak is so high that a trek to its base camp is itself a big-time adventure that keeps kicking the adrenaline rush. Trekking trail to Kanchenjunga Base Camp is quite different when we compare it with the other treks in the Indian Himalayan belt. Kanchenjunga massifs contour a big cross that spans the boundaries of three major countries- Nepal, Tibet and India (Sikkim). Till 1849, before the discovery of Everest and K2, Kangchenjunga was deemed as the highest mountain in India. Though the trek offers challenging trails, extreme conditions and narrow passes through towering peaks, the fascinating appeal of the Himalayan Range and its peaks allures adventure junkies from across the globe to undertake this trek. A trek to Kanchenjunga is an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Himalaya where the scale of both mountain and valley is difficult to comprehend. The peaks are visible in the distance for days, floating like ships on a distant sea. Trekking does not get any better than this. When Douglas Freshfield came here in 1899 he was awe-struck by the sheer scale of it all, which left an impression of "stupendous vastness". All around, massive yet elegant peaks thrust up into the Himalayan blue, then suddenly the immense north wall of Kanchenjunga bursts into view, with a shelf of grass spilling down the slope towards its base. This is Pangpema (5140m), one of Nepal's most treasured sites.

Paragliding in Gangtok
Paragliding in Gangtok is turning into an undeniably mainstream experience sports. Really there is no experience or preparing required to appreciate paragliding in Gangtok. Since the administrators here offer Tandem Flights. Which implies that an accomplished and guaranteed pilot will go with you. Both pilot and the traveler sit securely and easily in a tackle which is connected to the paraglider. The pilot deals with the whole flight and its route. So after a simple take off, you will just appreciate the flight with amazing perspectives.
Paragliding in Gangtok is becoming an increasingly popular adventure sports. And why not. Who would not love to see the magnificent Himalayan range and the snow peaks from the sky as you fly like a bird and the look below to see the stunning mountain landscape of Sikkim and Gangtok.
Actually there is no experience or training required to enjoy paragliding in Gangtok. Because the operators here offer Tandem Flights. Which means that an experienced and certified pillot will accompany you. Both pilot and the passenger sit safely and comfortably in harness which is attached to the paraglider. The pilot takes care of the entire flight and its navigation. So after an easy take off, you will only enjoy the flight with breathtaking views.