Tamil Nadu

Camping in Kodaikanal
Camping in Kodaikanal Dense jungles of Kodaikanal with exotic flora and fauna and a favourable environment makes it a popular site amongst campers. Apparently around the Dolphin's Nose, there are places suitable for camping with various kinds of trails and secluded environment, with only refreshing greenery around you and clear open sky above you. you can explore nature, enjoy the magnificant views upon the mountains, go trekking, learn about eco-friendly farming and living and forget about all troubles and worries. The Kodaikanal region and especially the Kodaikanal Camping spread an unique atmosphere of peacefulness

Cycling Tour in Kadumbadi
cycling tour of the Kadumbadi Village, witness rural India at its pristine best. Ride through the country roads and explore the local life, enjoy the serene and rustic atmosphere of the village. Assembling anywhere between 8am-3pm, one can undertake this tour and discover the beauty of the village.
Following your arrival in Mahabalipuram, attend a small briefing session about the tour and get prepared to pedal towards Kadumbadi Village. Ride through the country roads, witness the locals carrying out their everyday duties and tasks. Discover the pristine beauty and the pleasant breeze flowing through the narrow country roads.
While pedaling, enjoy a delightful coconut drink and give wings to your photography skills. Visit the local potters and learn the art of pot-making from them; you can also try your hands on the wheel and shape up your imaginations.

Catamaran Ride in Chennai
The Catamaran Ride is a mild, low adrenaline water adventure that has few other sports matching its unique excitement and thrill! The undulating water and the challenge of making it over the churning rapids is a high that has one raring to go! catamaran's is originally a word from Tamil. Literally it means 'logs of wood tied together'. However, with the evolution of sailing design/technology as well as of language - today a catamaran could also imply a similar boat powered by an engine. It is only recently that they have begun to be used for purposes other than fishing: that is for leisure, adventure and recreation.
Catamarans are the boats most used by the fisher folk of southern India when they set out to sea. Joy rides started out as a kind gesture extended by the fishermen to eager tourists. Of all the water sports, catamaran rides will least invoke your adrenalin but is the surest and quickest way to unwind and get away from a hectic or monotonous routine.
This serene boat ride into the ocean can sometimes go as far as a kilometer in. You are charged on a per head basis and one should ensure that the fisherman or local in charge of navigating your catamaran is experienced and up to date with safety equipment. The ride lasts as long as forty five minutes.
When you sail out on a catamaran, it is as if you have left the entire world behind you on mute. The solace of the sea is balm-like, a feeling that is easily addictive. Catamaran rides are an interesting and peaceful way to get to know the ocean.
Ezone is a company that organizes catamaran rides all along the waters of Palavakkam on the East Coast Road in Chennai. What is best about these rides is that they are convenient for those who want to get out of the city on a whim, or just for a little while. Daily rides are organized between 10a.m and 2p.m.
The rides certainly depend on water currents and climatic and general conditions of the sea. It is common knowledge that the sea is an entity impossible to predict. Do not underestimate the importance of riding with a local or fishermen who genuinely understands the ocean from years of fishing, or otherwise.
From these years and sometimes decades of fishing experience come lessons and stories from which they not only learn but cultivate time-tested techniques. So reliable are the locals and fisher folk that they also act as life guards for all those on the boat.
Catamaran boat rides off the east coast are one of the most wonderful ways to spend the day at the sea. If you are able to get out early, there's nothing like watching the sun rise as you bob in the never-ending ocean.

Surfing in Chennai
Chennai is one of the famous destinations for adventure sports. If you know the skills of surfing, you can easily glide over the mighty sea waves. And in case, you don't know these skills, you will definitely have unlimited fun learning these skills. As a beginner, you can also avail surfing classes and glide over the waves and make it for an adventurous experience. Big Rock [south of Chennai] is located off the point at Fisherman's Cove. The point itself is the most consistent break in that area but when the wave height is there and the tide just right then a submerged rock shelf in the cove produces one really awesome left barrel.