Chopta-Deorital-Chandrashila Trek
The Himalayas are always the dream destination of every trekker! Chandrashila is summit of the Tungnath . It literally means "Moon Rock". It is located at a height of about 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) above sea level. This peak provides a spectacular view of Himalayas,especially Nandadevi, Trisul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba peaks. There are various legends associated with this place. According to one of the popular legend, this is the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the demon-king Ravana.This is a beautiful trek, with difficulty level rated as easy to moderate. The trek passes through forests and vast meadows. Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek is easy and short and ideal for a long weekend. If you are new to trekking then this would be the perfect initiation for you. You would be introduced to the beauty of the Himalayas and get to know about the flora and fauna of this region. This trek would also start your lifelong tryst with trekking in the Himalayas.

River Rafting in Rishikesh
you are travelling alone or with your family and kids, Rishikesh offers an opprtunity for everyone. A total of 13 exciting river rapids cover in Rishikesh River Rafting .The Ganga River flowing through the city offers rapids ranging from Grade-I-V and makes it for an ultimate rafting destination in the country. the Ganges await you to take you on some of the most wonderful rafting expeditions.Enjoy river side rafting camping out in the nature as part of your river rafting tour in Rishikesh. Some good place or location in rishikesh for river rafting and beach/Jungle camping like - Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive, Byasi, Kaudiyala, Kirti Nagar, Devprayag and Rudraprayag.
The gushing waters of Ganges makes river rafting in Rishikesh one of the most exhilarating adventurous sports. Embraced by the majestic Himalayas and enveloped by the lush green vegetation, the divine city of Rishikesh invites all you adrenaline Junkies, to encounter some thrill.
You will be accompanied by a professional rafter; in case of a problem do not panic and just listen to the guidelines. Get these moments clicked by a professional photographer, because trust me it is an unforgettable adventure. Only few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, the living mother Goddess of the India. Rafting on its water of wisdom is certainly an unusual experience. Enjoy and explore the life time experience on a date with mother Ganges.

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh
India's highest fixed platform BUNGY JUMPING (Bungee) at Mohanchatti near Rishikesh. Bungy Jumping in Rishikesh is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. A Cantilever platform built over a iron cliff over looking a rocky river HYUL, a tributory of River Ganga. Jump with rubber cords tied to your ankles and feel the adrenaline rush like never before. You will be harnessed to a wire and when you jump off, you can accelerate upto a speed of 160 kmph. It is quite thrilling when the air gushes past you at such speed! The bungee jumping location is about few minute walk from the serene land. Please note that the 15-20 minute walk up from the Recovery point, after your Bungy, to the Cafeteria, maybe strenuous for some, considering this is a hilly area but we urge you to take this in the spirit of Rishikesh adventure tour packages, and come prepared with sports shoes. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils and continues to oscillate up and down until all the energy is dissipated.

Flying Fox in Rishikesh
The Flying Fox is an exhilarating adventure sport in Rishikesh. The adventure lets enthusiasts enjoy gravity and the full speed of air flow as you fly like a hawk in your secure harness. The views are more than awe-inspiring as you fly at top speed over the mountain range of Himalayas and the holy river Ganga. One hour of this enthralling activity and you would surely wish to do it once again! One of the most trending adventure activity in Rishikesh, Flying Fox is indulges sliding down through a zipline, while harnessed firmly with a safety cable. While participating in this awe-inspiring activity, you can have a quick bird's eye view of Rishikesh's opulent and stunning beauty.

Roopkund Trek
Roopkund trek begins at a very high altitude in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, , is a famous glacial lake. It is located in the Himalayas and rests at an altitude of nearly 4,800 meters. Roopkund is located in the Chamoli district of Garhwal. It is one of the best sites for trekking in Garhwal. It is closer to hill stations like Nainital and Kathgodam. If you are the one, who gets high with mysteries and enthrallment, this is the trek for you! Also known as the 'Lake of Mysteries', the Roopkund Lake can be reached passing through the dense forests, gushing brooks, streams, lakes and difficulties that cannot be predicted at times! The Roopkund trek is filled with thrilling, fun-packed experiences. However, it is only advised for skilled and zealoustrekkers because it stays true to the reputation of Himalayan weather and adversities, often hostile too. Situated at 16,499 ft., the pulse-racing trek expands over 53 kms.The Roopkund lake is also known as the "mystery lake" and is frequented by guests from all over the world to indulge in its wonders. It is reachable through either Nainital or Kathgodam. The trek begins from Lohajung. Trekkers encounter plentitude of conifer trees,lush grasslands, and snow clad mountains as well as the spectacular Pindar Lake along the trail.
The Roopkund lake is surrounded by rocky glaciers and is placed at the bottom of Trishul and Nandghungti peaks lending to its palpable and picturesque beauty.

Dodital Lake Trek
The Dodital Trek, which is undertaken all throughout the year, is considered as one of the easy to moderate treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region that is located in Uttarakhand. The Dodital Trek, which is also one of the winter treks in the Indian Himalayan region starts from Sangamchatti and heads to Agoda village nestled at an altitude of 2,250 meters. The trail passes through the river Asi Ganga and is followed by gentle ascends and descends and passes through a secluded village, Bhebra. From Agoda, a 16 kilometers journey that passes through the beautiful forest of Rhododendron leads to Manjhi, which is tucked at a mighty height. A trek to this peak passes through the Darwa Pass, facinating terrains, scenic forest areas and stunning lakes in the lap of the Himalayas. This trek in particular is also bird watchers paradise, the trek is full of rare Himalayan Pheasant's which are not spotted easily. Some of the famous birds found here include Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Grey Tit,Himalayan Babbler,Red-Billed Blue Magpie, Grey Shrike, Bush Robin, Pink Finch, Munia, Common Chiffchaff, Himalayan Whistling Thrush, Himalayan Tree Pie, Tailor Bird, Himalayan Monal (Impeyan Pheasant) are commonly seen.

Skiing in Auli
Auli, in the Garhwal Himalayas, is a favourite skiing destination, is one of the highest & finest ski slopes in India. One can enjoy Skiing on the longest and finest Slopes of Indian Himalayas in the Shadows of Mt. Nanda Devi ( 7817 meters) , one of the highest and most fascinating peaks in the world . The other high peaks around the slopes are Kamet (7756 Mts), Mana Parbat (7273 Mts), and Duna Giri (7066 Mts.). Come winter, the Garhwal Himalayas in Auli paint themselves with the natural white of the snows. During this season, adventure junkies from all over the world throng the Himalayas and enjoy the thrill ride with their skis. Favorable slopes, thick layer of snow and scenic views all around makes it for a memorable skiing experience in Auli. skiing program is curated to give you the experience of the thrill and excitement of this amazing winter sport in safe surroundings. There are qualified instructors and world class skiing equipment to give you the best learning and fun experience. The course teaches you the basics of skiing and you get enough time and opportunity to out you skills to practice on different kinds of slopes.

Giant Swing in Rishikesh
Gaint Swing in Rishikesh is done from the same Bungy Platform. You are fitted with a seat & chest harness which is connected to the fixed wire ropes. On jump, after an initial free fall, the ropes will smoothly swing you like a pendulum.
Due to the different process of the Jump from the Bungy, the Giant Swing in India allows you to enjoy double the freefall of the Bungy, with considerably more speed, and almost as much fear.
After the Giant Swing, jumpers are lowered down to a drop zone in the river which has only 2 ft of water. Walk back up to the cafeteria and claim your Dare to Jump Certificate, while enjoying your video.
Be that as it may, rather than joining a rope to your lower legs, a seat saddle is given and two ropes are appended to it. So rather than a fall after the hop, the ropes joined to the outfit begin swinging you like a pendulum henceforth acting like one Giant Swing tied from the stature of 83 Mtrs. The action should likewise be possible by two individuals in the meantime. After the Swing, the Jumpers are dropped down to a drop zone in the stream which has just 2 ft of water. You need guts to jump, but the experience is exhilarating. Your safety is ensured by technically qualified adventure sports experts with years of experience in different parts of the world. Best instructors and best equipment will be provided to you to ensure you have the best experience. If you want you can purchase the video of your experience and boast about it to your friends.

Valley Of Flowers Trek
Valley of Flowers is one trek where many people begin their journey of trekking in the Himalayas. A trek that takes you to a mesmerising valley bestowed with a splendid sight of wild flowers, butterflies, colorful birds and outlandish fauna species like Bharal, Musk Deer, Brown Bear and Himalayan Black Bear.
It is one of those rare natural botanical gardens in India. Flowers bloom everywhere in a riot of colors. On one side of the flower-decked valley tall cliffs climb to the sky. The other side is guarded by snow-clad mountains. A serene river glides through the middle of the valley. If there is a picturesque setting that is perfect, then this must be it. The Valley of Flowers trek manages to show you a glimpse of the joys of Himalayan trekking. The best time to see the valley in full bloom is from mid July to mid August.To reach the valley one has to trek from Govind Ghat, on the route to Hemkund Sahib, upto Ghangaria, 12 kms ahead.Few furlongs ahead of Ghangaria the trek route to the valley takes a detour towards left. The valley is about 5 kms from Ghangaria. The high altitude serine lake, known as Hemkund ( 4329 mts.)
The Hemkund Sahib trek starts from the small village of Ghangaria, and the 7 km distance is generally covered in seven hours. From Ghangaria, there is a well-maintained path, leading to the pilgrimage site. There is a lake behind the gurdwara, where you may relax and click photos. The shrine is designed like a star, and it was constructed in the 1980s by personnels of the Indian Army.

Ropeway in Mussoorie
This place is located at a short distance from Mall road and one of the main attractions is the cable car(ropeway) to reach the top of the Gun Hill. Gun Hill is the second highest point of Mussoorie, located at an altitude of 2024m. It is accessible by a cable car, and it offers an enthralling view that one shouldn't miss! The 400m ropeway ride is fun and all through the travel, you will get to enjoy a panoramic view of this scenic hill station. A land of nature's treasure, indeed! . At the top of this Gun hill view of the Doon valley, Mussoorie town, Himalayan hills can be visible. On a clear day without any mist with the help of a telescope, Gangotri can be seen. The views are excellent and you can dress up with different color costumes and take a photo with this beautiful background. Have a cup of tea while enjoying the views from this hilltop.

Har ki Dun Trek
Har Ki Dun trek is one of the most popular treks in Garhwal Himalayas.
If you want a trek that is adventurous, yet, moderate in terms of difficulty, combined with scenic views and wildlife, Har Ki Dunis the perfect trek for you. The trek starts from Sankri at 1950 m. It will walk you through pretty meadows lined with orchids, terraced fields and glaciers and the best of all - the panaromic mountain peaks forming the most beautiful background for all your pictures. You will find all the peace and quiet that you need as urban living hasn't yet penetrated the lifestyle of the people here. The dense alpine forests are a habitat to many flora and fauna and this trek will be a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. A delight for trekkers, both in summer and winter, this valley is accessible through Govind National Park – known for its rich variety of flora and fauna. The trail through alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine forests and ancient villages, gives you spectacular valley views and a chance to experience the wonderful slow-paced local lifestyle. Commence your trek from the lush green valley of Har Ki Doon, which is based at the foothill of Fateh Parvat.
Not only the trekkers, but the nature lovers can also enjoy this enthralling trek in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is a 77 KM trek can usually be completed in a span of 8 days.

Rupin Pass Trek
Rupin Pass Trek is a classic trek in India, Rupin Pass is a high altitude trek which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla. it has to be the Rupin Pass. This trek is like an orchestra, building up momentum with surprises in scenery every hour or so. With every step, the trek throws up a new vista to see, a new scenery to unfold. All along, to complement the scenery, the blue waters of the Rupin run along, sometimes rushing, at times gliding by. It culminates in the famous three stage water fall of the Rupin. Being a high altitude trek, of about 15250 feet, Rupin Pass is considered among one of the high range expeditions for trekking in India. You will get surprised at every hour by the number of variety which mother nature has to offer you in Rupin Pass Trek. The trails at times are very difficult with its steep climbs which suddenly changes to an easy walks.
Rupin Pass is an ideal trek for any adventure as it offers trek to every type of terrain, be it on snow, rocky terrain, along and through the water streams or meadows. You will start trekking your route from greener and hot landscapes and move towards and through the coldest of areas over the snow as you reach to the end. he scenery changes with every turn you take on this trek.You start from Uttrakhand & End this trek in Himachal Pradesh. Be it novice or Experienced trekkers, this one is recommended for everyone.

Jim Corbett Safari
Corbett National Park is one of the best natural destinations where the richest concentrations of animals occur. Game drives in an open safari vehicles are the best way to discover the beauty and wilderness of the Corbett. If you love watching tigers in their natural habitats then leave the town behind look forward to Corbett in search of majestic tigers and wealth of wildlife species. Jim Corbett National Park has its own charm and splendors! Home to some of the most exotic wildlife, the wildlife adventure junkies can go for either a Jeep or Elephant safari in the park and discover the enthrallment of the park. Jim Corbett National Park has captured the imagination of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The natural uniqueness of the area was recognised long ago and so in 1936 Corbett attained the distinction as the first national park to be established in mainland Asia.Corbett National Park lies in two districts - Nainital and Pauri - in the hill state of Uttaranchal in northern India. It covers an area of 521 sq. km and together with the neighbouring Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve Forest areas, forms the Corbett Tiger Reserve over 1288 sq. km.
Visitors can Enjoy Jeep Safari or Canter Safari for five different zones of the park namely Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela and Durgadevi. All the procedures of Safari Booking at Corbett are managed by the forest officials as per the guidelines of India's forest department. Please note that we cannot influence the safari zone, safari driver and the naturalist guide as it is not in our hand. It is solely decided by the forest officials. Though all the zones have healthy population of tigers and wildlife sightings are reported more or less same. These all aspects are managed by the automated computerized system to ensure the equal distribution of safari vehicles in respective zones.